ZkPad. Key features, tokenomics, and roadmap.

There are numerous aspects that facilitate and probably even push the development and mass-adoption of the blockchain world further. Decent decentralization, security, freedom of choice, etc. However, this article is not about them but platforms that let future unicorns be seen by the crypto industry — launchpads. And even more specifically, this article is about ZkPad — zkpad.io.

This is what those guys tell about themselves:


Long story short, that is quite self-explanatory: it is a launchpad on StarkNet. But.. why? Why do we need another launchpad? Is it special? To figure that out, let’s try to describe its key features.

  1. On-chain lottery system. Each user will have some amount of the lottery tickets for any IDO. An interesting feature is as following: users will be able to sell their lottery tickets if they are not interested in the upcoming IDO to other users who would potentially like to obtain further allocation in this particular IDO. Additionally, lottery winners will be drawn on-chain thanks to Chainlink VRF and L1-L2 communication. Chainlink’s random number generator combined with Starknet’s scalability can enable fully on- chain raffles. So, not only its a freedom of choice but also quite secure. Chainlink was and still is a company that worth our trust.
  2. IDO allocations. Quite a common approach here: users will be able to lock their $ZKP tokens. Locking liquidity will also be allowed so users are incentivized to bring more liquidity to the token ensuring the long-term sustainability of the protocol. The longer the lock up, the more $xZKP tokens you will receive thus the higher chance of IDOs’ allocations you will have. But there is something pretty uncommon: instead of using a similar tiers mechanism, where your chance of receiving allocations is dependent on how much and how long you have staked. We will add a third parameter ‘p’ which will be project-dependent. And that looks like those who go with the ZkPad for a longer time, may get benefits from it. Sounds good.

3. Tier system. Total 4 tiers, this figure is 100% self-descriptive:


4. Future plans. In the future ZkPad aims to offer other ways for projects and users to raise funds. In the beginning IDOs will be offered, but in the future, they would like to offer other solutions for investors such as DYCO, or others. ZkPad team is committed to providing safer ways for users to continue the excitement of early investment, while removing the burden of potential investment loss.

And now that sounds pretty interesting. We have a launchpad that provides pretty common clauses like staking the token, lottery tickets, however, with interesting and transparent features: Chainlink random winner generator, benefits for those who stake longer, etc. I like it.


Probably the key paragraph. So many technically and ideologically good projects did not manage to cope with its distribution schema. That is not the case for ZkPad. 20% as staking rewards is logically accepted as well as 20% as liquidity. 20% for the team, considering 10 months cliff and long vesting — too. Other clauses are pretty common as well.



Initial IDOs are planned for the Q3 2022. Not much time left.


As a bottomline, it is worth trying. Moreover, you can try your best and support ZkPad by fulfilling some promotional tasks at https://zkpad.crew3.xyz/questboard



QA Engineer and crypto enthusiast :)

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